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Household appliance


Very often, when home appliances do not work properly we hurry to buy the new one. However, as experience shows, this is not the best solution. We spend a lot of money buying, but it turns out that the problem can only be solved by only replacing a detail, or the failure can be repair and then the technique will serve you longer than you think. So, trust real masters, and they will do their best that all your households work as long as you need them.

Smart devices


There is a need to remind you of the importance of smartphones in our lives. Their failure can cause many difficulties and inconveniences that require quick solutions. But whom should you trust your smartphone? Some professionals take many time, others can not solve problems. In this case OneNam is the best solution as after the order the specialist will visit you at the time and place you mentioned and will repair your phone before your eyes.

Sanitary ware


Taking into account the fact that sanitary engineering is a sphere requiring a high level of professionalism, we choose masters very seriously. Finally, in this area non-professional work is threatening not only you but also your neighbors. In this category, we’ve included almost all the sanitary engineering services that may interest you. Due to OneNam platform is no longer a problem for you to find a good sanitary ware master, the most professional specialists have 



Everyone knows that jokes with electricity are bad. Sometimes electricity-related issues seem simple and understandable, but if you do not know all the nuances, trust the job better. Our masters will visit you at your convenient time and will make the appropriate work as accurate and professional as possible. In such cases, it is better to trust to a master skilled in his work.

Computer repair


Computers are an important part of household appliances, such as a refrigerator or a washing machine. It is hard to imagine our lives without them. But if the last type of home appliance can only have technical problems, then it’s hard for the computer twice time. After all computers need not only technical, but also software service. No matter what kind of problem your computer has, we are ready to provide the professionals who will not disappoint you.

Household works

Very often it is difficult to keep comfort and clean in your home. We often need someone who can help us clean up the apartment, wash clothes, hang curtains, wash dishes and so on. But despite all the possibilities of finding a good helper, you shouldn’t trust your home. We have taken care that you are served not only skilled workers, but also those whom you can trust.

Construction and repair works

If you want to make repair or construction works, the choice of masters is a very difficult, because first of all every work has its own master, then if something is incorrect it will be difficult to change it. All in all, we have included in this service all types of work, which may be necessary at the time of construction or repair, and we are ready to provide the masters who will meet your expectations.


No matter where and when you need to transport things, what kind of thickness wall should be removed, at what floor should be to carried a wardrobe or a sack of sand, our work force is always ready to do every effort to make the job as accurate as possible. You should only select the place and time of the work, and our workforce will finish the job much earlier than you can imagine.


Every time when winter comes , there arises a question what is the best way to warm the house? You can not burn a fire at home and electric stoves spend a lot of electricity, and they also make the air dry and dusty in the house. Therefore, it is better to use the services we offer. Trust our masters and Onenam platform and heating problems will not bother you for many years.


With this service you will no longer need extra time and effort to care properly for your appearance. No matter what you need to cut your hair, to make manicure or pedicure, hair removal or makeup, our professionals will provide all of these services at your home. So if you do not have time or simply do not want to go out home and want a great a pretty look, it’s time to remember the OneNam platform.


Of course only professional doctors should deal with all health problems. However, there are cases when you do not need to go to the doctor. An example you need an injection, or if you need a massage or care service for your loved ones, and so on. In such situations, we will definitely come to help you. We also have certified nurses, massage therapists who will take care of you and your loved ones.


It’s hard to find anyone who does not want to have a beautiful and well-groomed garden in his home, at work, or anywhere else. However, any garden requires careful and periodic service. The problem is that on the one hand it requires special professional skills, on the other hand, a lot of free time. So the best choice is to entrust this work to our qualified master who will not spare his time and energy so that he can do everything properly.


If you want to organize events that will be remembered with pleasure later, if you want to make your close friends’ holiday to be unforgettable if you need to organize a business catering, decorate a restaurant, a church or other area if you need a professional photographer, this category is for you. Our professionals do not need to say anything twice, so instead of organizing events, just trust us and enjoy the holiday without unnecessary difficulties.