Basic Computer Skills Course

Computer training

The basic computer skills course which we provide you helps in understanding of the current technologies used at home and in the workplace. The course provides you the assurance of becoming a computer literate by this hands-on course while you learn to create, access, save and manage documents, spreadsheets and emails and use the Internet […]

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Home Plumbing Repair Services

Plumbing service

Blocked kitchen or bathroom? Dripping faucet? Shower not working? Don’t worry, OneNam plumbing technicians can help in home plumbing repair services. OneNam plumbing services will address all plumbing issues, whether it is related to bathroom, kitchen, drains, or toilet and we would take care of all repair, upgrade, and installation for residential and commercial plumbing […]

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Residential Electrical Repair Services

Electrical service

We can deal with residential electrical repair services which are minor electrical issues at your home such as fixing in a new light bulb or plugging in a surge protector, definitely attempting something more complex is dangerous. For that it is best to go for the help of a electrician rather than trying to save […]

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Garden Cleaning Lawn Maintenance

Garden service

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous garden? Beautiful flowers and leaves gently dancing in the breeze is a sight for sore eyes indeed. A well-kept garden gives your house great curb appeal and creates an excellent impression in the minds of passers-by and visitors, not to mention the immense joy and enjoyment it will provide your […]

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House Cleaning Service

House Cleaning Service

For a House Cleaning Service after a long day’s work, you know how calming it is to walk in to a home that is clean, cozy, and smelling nice. Do you want your family to enjoy this wonderful feeling ? But too many demands of your hectic life may make it impossible to spend more […]

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Pedicure and its types

Pedicure services

Pedicure and its types is a skin treatment of the feet and toenails, similar to a manicure. Pedicures are done for cosmetic, therapeutic purposes. They are known throughout the world, and especially among women. Pedicures services is not only for the toenails but also for dead skin cells which are rubbed off the bottom of […]

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Event Management Service

Event management

Event management Service will provide us a event planning which contains services such as event management, event coordinator, theming, decoration & styling, conferencing, exhibitions , entertainment,catering  and venue sourcing. Here are some services which an event management company may offer for your special event: Event management-Professional event managers are usually skilled in the technical as […]

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Need For Caregiver Service

Caregiver Service

The Need for Caregiver Service is easy for family and friends, as well as professionals, to suggest finding someone to help with housekeeping tasks and care responsibilities. Giving someone else take on some of your housekeeping or personal care tasks might sound appealing to you too. But what does it mean to have someone in […]

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Haircuts and Hair services

Haircut and hair service

For Haircuts and Hair services get the perfect look for you with the help of our expert stylists. Each haircut comes with a complimentary advice to find the right style for your hair texture, face shape, and much more. Sit and relax with a soothing head massage during your shampoo and conditioner service. After your […]

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Security & CCTV Services

Security & CCTV

Security & CCTV Services and IP-camera systems became virtually omnipresent and indispensable for many organizations, businesses, and users.Security & CCTV main objective is to need physical security, increase safety, and prevent crime. They also became more complex, containing many communication means, embedded hardware and non-trivial firmware. Benefits of Using Security & CCTV System 1.  Deter […]

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