Basic Types of Bathtubs

Basic Types of Bathtubs

This post explains the basic types of bathtubs. While most people take showers more often than a luxurious bath, it’s still really nice to have at least one bathroom with a bathtub.  This is the case if you have kids.  We’ve lived in a place without a tub and it was not easy bathing our very young son.  Also, being able to take the hot bath can be relaxing.  While we prefer the hot tub at the gym, we totally get the appeal of a large tub in the master bathroom.

Basic Types of Bathtubs

1. Alcove Tubs

Alcove Tubs

  • The Alcove tub design, known as the three-wall-alcove design, is a practical style of bathtub that mergs form and functionality.
  • These bathtubs often have a showerhead situated towards the top and are designed with convenience as the main goal.
  • Perfect for tighter spaces, smaller homes, and apartments, the Alcove tub style is found in countless homes in today’s modern times.
2. Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding Tubs

  • There are several types of freestanding tubs.  First, we briefly cover freestanding tubs generally.
  • With its striking visual impact, the freestanding tub style can enhance your bathroom’s design.
  • These tubs can be situated close to walls or toward the center of rooms for a beautiful and unique focal point and visual stimulation.
  • Brushed metal or the chrome faucet accents can be included to create a truly modern and contemporary design aesthetic.
3. Built-In / Drop-In Tubs
  • Also known as the platform tubs or deck mounted, these bathtubs have a drop-in design function that results in the rim of the tub being flush with the platform or the deck it is mounted in; this is a common design for air tubs and whirlpool tubs.
4. Hot Tub

Hot Tub

  • Hot tubs are the Holy Grail regarding blissful, deep-soaking, warm relaxation.
  • Typically constructed with air jets, hot tubs are a place to restore, renew, and reinvigorate.
  • Hot tubs tend to be situated in the luxurious surroundings; tiled walls, marble floors, and the panoramic windows are all common décor elements that accompany hot tubs.

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