Beautiful Mirror for Bathrooms

Beautiful Mirror for Bathrooms

In this, we tell you about Beautiful Mirror for Bathrooms. Large or small, mirrors are a focal point of the bathroom’s decor. Even in the small bathroom spaces, a large mirror can be used successfully. Mirrors reflect light, providing the impression of a larger space, and they create dark bathrooms bright and cheery. Mirrors can be used to hide the elements like a deep countertop cabinet or add a decorative flair to the room, similar to a piece of wall art.

Some Beautiful Mirror for Bathrooms

1. A Framed Mirror Completes a Small Space

Framed Mirror

  • Framed mirrors include the decorative touch, like a work of art. Frames range from simple forms with clean lines to large and ornate masterpieces.
  • And, the more elaborate the ​mirror, the heavier it will look.
  • Bold mirrors, like the one used in this bathroom, are best used in spaces where they will be the main focal point.
  • Here, the black frame contrasts the off-white palette and makes a statement in an otherwise neutral decor.
  • The wall-mounted sink appears light and airy balanced by the heavier shadow of the mirror.
2. A Marble-Set Mirror Adds a Contemporary Accent

Marble Set Mirror

  • The large mirror in the bathroom really defines the space.
  • Note how the mirror extends below the floating vanity, adding to the expansive feel of the room.
  • The large, frameless mirror is set into the marble wall for the additional impact.
  • Upon entering the space, a streamlined look and open nature greet you.
3. A Large Round Mirror Traditionalizes Space

Large Round Mirror

  • This traditional bathroom features a stylish round beveled mirror that offsets the lines of the square subway tile.
  • Framed by the round sconces, this unassuming mirror perfectly accents the black vanity and the white marble countertop.
  • Mirror shape—just like mirror size—can lend different effects on a bathroom’s decor, as seen here.
4. A Wall-To-Wall Mirror Maximizes Space

Wall-To-Wall Mirror

  • A small powder room looks much larger with the addition of an unframed, wall-to-wall mirror sitting behind the vanity and toilet.
  • This bathroom Design shows how to maximize any small space with a judiciously chosen mirror.
  • In this powder room, the mirror sits between the wall and the crown molding, making it seem like an inherent part of the bathroom.

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