Benefits of Hand Dryers

Benefits of Hand Dryers

Here we will tell some benefits of hand dryers. Hand dryers are the electrical devices that produce heat when turned on. The use of a hand dryer has many advantages. It is energy-efficient, cost-effective and prevents vandalism. Even though the device and its installation tend to be very costly, there is no need to spend one-time use the paper towels that when summed up could be more expensive in the long run.

Some Benefits of Hand Dryers

Hand Dryers

1. Creating Space


  • People are getting bigger and washrooms are getting smaller, which means that maximizing space in this location is a necessity.
  • With only small projections extending from the wall cavity, some around 2cm, you are looking at significantly reducing the amount of the hand dryer that enters the washroom space.
  • Not only is this a positive for room space the hand dryer takes up, but it also enhances safety in the washroom.
  • A hand dryer that protrudes a long way from the wall in a tight washroom could be a hazard waiting to happen, with the potential of bumping into the machine.
  • It has also been noted before that school children like to hang from a hand dryer in a school environment if they can get away with it!
2. Reduces cleaning and slipping hazards
  • This type of hand dryer is liked by health & the safety and domestic teams. They come with their own wall protection.
  • Usually, for this type of protection of walls beneath a hand under a dryer, you need to purchase a separate splashback plate. By placing the hands inside the cavity all the drying action occurs in there.
  • Rather than water ending up running down the walls or straight onto the floor, some models add the tray at the bottom of the recess to catch the water. A slipping hazard is minimized due to this.
  • In some locations, you will also find that certain individuals like to use the top of the hand dryer as a shelf to leave rubbish. The recessed hand dryer removes the temptation of this.
3. Reduces vandalism
  • A protruding object in any room has an increased chance of being maliciously damaged.
  • Punched, kicked or pulled off the wall, we have seen them all.
  • Recessed hand dryers get left alone in this respect.
4. Improves aesthetics
  • A recessed hand dryer with its paneled finish looks great in any washroom.
  • Some literally look like a sheet of steel section on a wall.

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