Benefits of the Electrical Fuse

Benefits of the Electrical Fuse

The fuse is a device used in an electrical circuit for protecting electrical devices against overloads and short circuits. It is the simplest device used for interrupting the electrical circuit under short circuit or excessive overload current magnitudes. Below we will tell you about the benefits of the electrical fuse.

Some Benefits of the Electrical Fuse

Electrical Fuse

  • Fuse is the cheapest type of protection in an electrical circuit
  • The fuse needs zero maintenance
  • Operation of a fuse is simple and no complexity is involved
  • Fuse has the capability to interrupt short circuit current without producing noise, flame, gas or smoke
  • The operation time of fuse can be made much smaller than the operation of the circuit breaker. It is the protection device against short circuits
  • It affords current limiting effect under short-circuit conditions
  • Fuse inverse time-current characteristic has the ability to use for over-load protection

Fuse provides protection against excessive currents that can flow in the circuit during short circuits. Under the normal working condition, the current flowing through a circuit is within safe limits but when the fault occurs such as the short circuit occurs or when load more than circuit capacity is connected to it, currently exceeds the limiting value results in fuse wire gets heated up, melts and break the current. Thus fuse protects the machine or the electrical equipment against the excessive currents.

The working of the fuse depends on the heating effect of current. In normal operating conditions, the normal current passes through the fuse. The heat develops in the fuse element because of the normal current and this heat is dissipated by the help of the surrounding air. Thus, the temperature of a fuse is kept below the melting point.

The fuse element is made of a highly selected metal conductor. The cartridge holds the fuse element. The main function of the fuse of the element is to empower the normal current to flows through the fuse and break the circuit when the high magnitude current passes through it.

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