Inexpensive Event Design Ideas

Event Design Ideas

From the moment you enter the door at the event, the design of the space creates an impact. Many planners spend massive amounts of money on creating a visually stunning event design. However, not every planner has the luxury of a large-scale budget. So we have some inexpensive event design ideas.

Some Inexpensive Event Design Ideas

1. Creative Layout

Creative Layout for Event Decoration

  • When you go into your venue for the first time, try to brainstorm creative ideas on how space can be best utilized.
  • Sometimes the conventional layouts leave a lot to be desired and with a little creativity, you can greatly improve the design of your event.
  • Something as small as moving the tables into a unique shape, or using the stage or riser in a creative method can draw your audience’s attention and set your event apart from the rest.
  • Providing a variety of spaces, such as traditional tables and high tops along with more casual seating such as couches gives your guests options and provides many different areas to have conversations and enjoy the event.
2. Unique Seating

Event Design Ideas

  • Everyone wants a place to sit during your event, right? Just because you’re hosting a traditional wedding or meeting doesn’t mean the seats have to be boring or uncomfortable.
  • Chairs can be a great method to include your event design while also serving a purpose.
3. Use of Color
  • Color is an integral part of event design.
  • Many planners use the flowers to integrate color, but the large floral shows come with hefty price tags.
  • Try to find creative ideas for color in the items that are essential to the event, such as linen, plates, chairs, skirting, etc.
  • You can also add color through utilizing lights! Lighting can pack the big punch and is something you have already budgeted for.
  • Uplighting, spotlights and general room lighting are all areas that you can add color to transform your space.
4. Food Displays

Food Displays in Events

  • Be sure to use your food display to create another point of interest for your guests.
  • Food can oftentimes be a work of art in itself!
  • Edible items can be made into an interesting display on the service line or also on each table as a unique centerpiece.
  • These beautiful arrangements can add an exciting element to your event design and are already something you must have at most events.
5. Utilize Local Artwork or Photography

One cost-effective way to include the visual impact to your event is through an art display. Large displays can sometimes cost a pretty penny, but if you reach out to local, up-and-coming artists you can usually strike a great deal. Some artists may even agree to provide a display a no charge if you list their works as items for purchase.

 6. Discount Fabrics and Paper

Fabrics and Paper Decoration in Events

  • Fabrics and the decorative papers can include to your theme and provide wonderful additions of color.
  • You can find many fabrics at a lower rate if they are unique or out of season.
  • Paper can be expensive, but if you buy high-quality papers in bulk, you can often get a discount.

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