Facts About Air Conditioning

Facts About Air Conditioning

In this post, we will explain the Facts About Air Conditioning. AC systems get lots of attention this time of year, and we love it. Our air conditioner technicians are out and about visiting our customers to service existing units, install new ones and perform tune-ups. As always, we enjoy supporting the property owners to make sure they’ll have nice, cold air during the hot months ahead.

Interesting Facts About Air Conditioning

1. Movie theaters used to be the coolest—literally.

  • When AC technology became more prevalent in the early 1900s, movie theater owners invested in AC systems in order to fill the seats during the stickiest and hottest days of the year.
  • It worked—most people didn’t have home AC, so the movie theater was the perfect escape.

2. The first air conditioner wasn’t designed for comfort.

First Air Conditioner

  • In 1902, Willis Carrier, who worked for the publishing company, decided enough was enough with his paper from extending and ink from running during the summertime.
  • He came up with the ideas for the 1st widely known factory-scale cooler!

3. Ice was the original air conditioner.

  • Before AC was there to keep things nice and the comfortable, people would use big blocks of ice to keep cool.
  • In fact, the output ratings of the first AC were measured based on how much ice would’ve been wanted to achieve the same cooling power!

4. Without AC, warmer states would be pretty empty.

  • You’re not alone—when home AC became popular, the populations in these warmer states boosted noticeably!

5. Herbert Hoover was the first president to have the luxury of AC.

luxury of AC

  • Can you imagine running the country during a hot summer in DC?
  • Hoover sure couldn’t! In fact, he spent $30,000 amount on the system not too long after the stock market crash in 1929.

6. You can thank your air conditioner for modern medicine.

  • Did you know that a lot of the medications we use were developed in the laboratories with temperature-sensitive tools and equipment?
  • In other words, we wouldn’t have medications that fight everything from the common cold to the cancer treatments if it weren’t for the cooling systems.

7. School’s out for the summer—thanks to the heat.


  • Before AC, it was way too hot to learn during the summer months—and summer vacation was born.
  • Fortunately, the idea stuck, and kids today get to enjoy the summertime with the advantages of a cooling system.

9. Allergies and air conditioners go together like peanut butter and jelly.

  • Okay, they won’t taste as good as a PB&J, but air conditioners have proven to have a positive effect on people who suffer from asthma. Why?
  • AC are able to remove allergens and other smaller particles from indoor air—that means less sneezing and more relaxing.

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