Facts About Manicure

Facts About Manicure

There are many Facts About Manicure but in this post, we will tell some interesting facts about nails. We have a tendency of taking some of our body parts for granted and unlucky for the nails, they fall in that category. We do a lot with our nails and the most important that we can think of now is that of scratching ourselves when our skins itch. Though the nails look pretty simple, they are far more difficult than we really imagine them to be.

Interesting Facts About Manicure

  • Human nails are made of Keratin. It is a protective protein that also makes up our hair. However, the arrangement of keratin molecules in hair is completely different from the arrangement of keratin molecules in nails. This is why nails are tougher than hair.

Human nails are made of Keratin

  • Nails are designed for protecting not only the fingertips and toe tips but also the surrounding soft tissue from any external injuries.
  • Perhaps the most important function of nails is to provide a visual advertisement of the overall health of a person. Yes! Nails can offer an awful lot of information about a person’s health.
  • Fingernails have a faster growth rate compared to toenails. Fingernails grow at a rate of 3.5 mm per month while toenails only manage 1.6 mm a month.
  • There is a popular myth that white spots on the nails are indicative of calcium or zinc deficiency. That is far from being true. They don’t indicate any kind of vitamin deficiency. They are rather outcomes of some kind of trauma that befell nail plates or the matrix which essentially is the source of the nail plate.
  • As we said earlier, nails are very complex and they are made up of several parts. The visible area is actually the nail plate.
  • A part of a nail is hidden underneath the cuticle. This part is the actual living part of the nail and is known as the matrix. The matrix actually produces the cells that eventually turn into the nail plate.
  • A small crescent-shaped area on the nails that looks whitish is the visible part of the matrix. However, this crescent may not be visible on all the nails, it is not always visible on the little finger.
  • The matrix is a part or the extension of the nail bed which lays beneath the nail plate. As mentioned earlier, the matrix is a living part and has blood vessels, lymph, and nerves.
  • As new nail plate cells are produced by the matrix, the older ones are pushed out forward and they get compressed, translucent and flat. It is this translucency that makes the nail plates look pinkish because the capillaries beneath the nail plates become somewhat visible.

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