Facts About Painting

Facts About Painting

Paint color symbolizes the things in cultures throughout the world and has been made up of different materials. From cave dwellers in pre-historic times to royalty in the medieval era to the modern-day family trying to pick that perfect color for their living room, paint has been ubiquitous in everyday life for some time now. Here are some facts about painting.

Interesting Facts About Painting

  • The 1st ready-to-use paint was brought to us by none other than the Sherwin-Williams, in 1866. Previously, the paint had to be mixed manually, using the variety of the materials: milk, olive oil, eggs, lime, and other earth pigments, linseed oil. Later on, the company hit another milestone with the invention of a re-sealable tin can, so painters could preserve their paints.


  • Paint has been for thousands of years – about 30,000 years, to be more exact. Cave dwellers used paint to draw representations of life in those times, many of which are still visible today.
  • Red doors have meant several things throughout the history and another culture. In the early pioneer days in the U.S., a red door meant that the house was a safe spot to lay the head for the evening and rest from a long day’s travel. In the Civil War, the red door meant that the house was the safe home for slaves trying to escape to the North in the Underground Railroad. In Scotland, the red door has traditionally meant that the home is mortgage-free. It was a celebration of owing no debt to the house. In China, the red door symbolizes good luck, and doors are often repainted red to celebrate the New Year.
  • In the 1940s, linseed oil was in short supply due to World War II. Because of this shortage, the chemists discovered how to create artificial resins, which made paint cheaper and gave the color more durability.

Linseed Oil

  • The Greek philosopher Plato is credited with discovering mixing primary colors together to create a new color. At the least, he was the 1st to talk and write about it.

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