Facts About the Fuse Box

Facts About the Fuse Box

A fuse is a device that shuts off the power to an electrical circuit when there is too much current flowing through it. This usually happens when too many appliances are plugged in or if there is a short circuit. A fuse is made as to the intentional weak spot in the circuit that will melt when too much current is flowing through it, shutting off the power to the rest of the circuit. Below we will tell you some interesting facts about the fuse box.

Interesting Facts About the Fuse Box

1. Fuses prevent fires

Fuses prevent fires

  • Fuses are made for the express purpose of providing their life for yours.
  • They are the sacrificial lambs of the electronic world.
  • When too much current passes through the fuse or the breaker it ‘blows’, interrupting the flow of electricity.
  • Without this safeguard, electrical surges could cause overheating or even fire.

2. Fuses help protect your electronic equipment

  • Without fuses or the breakers, any stray electrical surge- from lightning, large appliances, or electric provider- could arc within your equipment.
  • Even if the arc does not immediately destroy the electronics, repeated surges over time build up until the equipment finally degrades too much to function.

3. Fuses need to be grounded

  • Grounding the fuse or breaker is an essential part of the safety system.
  • When a fuse is blown the electricity is blocked from continuing down the line, but that electricity doesn’t just go away.
  • It has to go somewhere, and that’s what grounding is for. By providing a safe outlet for that energy to be released, the danger of electric shock is minimized.

4. Fuses need to match the current

  • The volts passing through the fuse or breaker should match the volts the fuse can take.
  • If you have a fuse that is too small for the volts that are running through it, there is a possibility of arcing. If the fuse is too large, it may not blow when the surge occurs.
  • Either way, the surge will continue into your electronic equipment and could cause a fire.

5. Fuses and breakers should be upgraded every 20 years

  • If your house’s breaker box is older than 20 years, it may be time for an upgrade. Over time, energy use has changed.
  • The demands placed on breaker boxes today are much greater, and an old system may not be able to handle it.
  • If your breakers or fuses are constantly blowing, you may want to think about an upgrade.
  • Generally, if you have actual fuses, you have an electrical system that is over 50 years old.
  • You may want to think about upgrading the entire system- including the wiring and outlets inside the house- for safety.

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