Facts About the Sofa

Facts About the Sofa

A sofa is the part of everyone’s homes because it is both the most comfortable and the most welcoming part of the house. This fluffy furniture does not only cater to the owners’ comfort and wants but also to the guests. But you already know that. There are some interesting facts about the sofa.

Some Interesting Facts About the Sofa


  • The word sofa originated from the Arabic word suffah, meaning bench. The word itself dates back to 2000 BC Egypt.
  • There are 17 types of sofa, and all of them are made for comfort.
  • Sofa owners sit on their sofas for an average of four hours every day.
  • Sofas are very sturdy things. An average sofa can withstand the children’s jumping up and down for 587 times.
  • An average sofa is a witness 293 arguments over is a lifetime.
  • It’s funny how a sofa can also be your piggy bank: owners find money inside the sofa three times a month, mostly coins and rarely bills.
  • It does not only hide money. In a month, an average child will lose approximately 4 toys and 3 socks and another random item of clothing at the back of the sofa.
  • Some of us may hate to admit it, but we use sofas as beds. Sofas are used 489 times as a bed, 293 of those times was a result of a domestic dispute.
  • A family dinner can also happen on the sofa. It seats families and the residents for 13 TV dinners per month, and the homeowners would watch 1,271 soap operas and 782 films together while snuggling up on the sofa.

Wine splits on sofa

  • Sofas are witnesses and survivors to a lot of spillages. An average sofa has wine spilled on it every two weeks and tea or coffee three times a week.

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