Facts On House Plants

Facts On House Plants

In this article, we read about facts on house plants. Green indoor plants are always good. Not only are they abeautiful to look at, but they also freshen the surroundings, adding a touch of green splendor. With the fresh leaves sprouting out of their stems and branches, and the color-filled buds poking out, they are always a good to be in the presence of.

Facts On House Plants

Facts On House Plants

1. They Make Great Pets

  • When we go to supermarket, big box store, or garden center and adopt a houseplant, we will be giving some poor little orphan plant a forever home.
  • Not only do they perform tricks such as growing and blooming, but some are even close.

2. They Come in Colors

  • Plain green is not the only option for house plants.
  • Many houseplants blossom including low-light mavens such as African violets, hoyas, and peace lilies.
  • But beyond flowers, check out new room for foliage plants.
  • They come clad in some truly good colors, and new hues are being added all the time.

3. They Are Not High Maintenance

  • if you are busy, and that’s cool with houseplants.
  • Choose the long living kind, and they need not be constantly running around with a watering pot.
  • Do not over water houseplants in winter.

4. They Don’t Need a Tropical Climate

  • Most plants like the exact same temperatures that make us comfortable.
  • Turn on the thermostat down at night in winter, and plants will be healthier.

5. Keeping Air Temperatures Down

  • Releases oxygen and moisturizes the environment.
  • This cools the surroundings.

6. De-stressing

  • Mind functions better with more oxygen, eliminating the effects of stress greatly.

7. Promoting Mental Clarity

  • With the increase in the flow of fresh oxygen in the body, the mind is always refreshed.
  • This improves mental clarity.

8. Reducing Carbon Dioxide Levels

  • Green plants are known to inhale carbon Dioxide and give out oxygen.
  • This reduces the carbon dioxide levels in the air and adds fresh invigorating oxygen.

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