Flower Decorations

Flower Decorations

In this article, we read about the beautiful flower decorations. Floral decoration can go from glam to trash quite easily. But with a little bit of skill and finesse, flowers can prove to be impeccable decoration items that will go a long way in beautifying the events.

Flower Decorations

1.Garland-Draped Ceiling

  • The vision of a romantic outdoor tent is stifled by the tent’s exposed support beams, cover them.
  • For a full-looking garland, consider greenery like ivy, maidenhair fern or boxwood.

2. Floral Fountain

Floral Fountain

  • Cascading greenery, imitate a romantic overflowing fountain.
  • Take the look to a whole new level of romance by adding floating candles and lily pads to the pool.

3. Flower Backdrop

Flower Backdrop

  • A floor-to-ceiling arrangement of greenery and color-coordinated blooms set the scene for some amazing ceremony photos.
  • Urban distinction between the industrial-looking walls, garden-chic blooms and crystal chandeliers.

4. Topiary Instillations

  • A petal-lined aisle is one thing that look like they are straight out of Wonderland is something entirely different.
  • If you are going for an all-white or neutral color scheme, that means you can play around more with the color of your floral.

5. Unlikely Pairings

  • The superfood of superfoods is also a standout choice for a unique bouquet.
  • It outshines many other greens in the full foliage category, and the deep purple hue of its center leaves act as its own accent color, which can be pulled into the bouquet with similarly-colored blooms.

6. Hanging Pomanders

  • Different sizes and colors of pomanders dress up a bare tree for an outdoor ceremony.
  • Just be careful to use extra supports when they are hung.

7. Floral Chandeliers

  • Arranging some upside down stems can transform your light fixtures into striking chandeliers.
  • Flower-adorned chandeliers are equipped with the wreaths for extra structure, but this elegantly simple display of white and yellow blossoms are just as impressive.

8. Hanging Potted Plants

  • Potted orchids contribute some height to structure, while the exotic leafy plants, like crotons, have deep green leaves and red veins that add deep color.

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