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Who doesn’t love a gorgeous garden? Beautiful flowers and leaves gently dancing in the breeze is a sight for sore eyes indeed. A well-kept garden gives your house great curb appeal and creates an excellent impression in the minds of passers-by and visitors, not to mention the immense joy and enjoyment it will provide your family members.

But tending to a garden can be hard, back-breaking work. It isn’t as simple as just watering the plants. You will have to trim them, mow the lawn, de-weed, apply pesticides and manure, and plant seeds according to the season. In Namibia, keeping your yard in great shape can be a challenge with the hectic lifestyle that people live today. It can be really hard to watch your favorite plants, trees, and lawn succumbing to disease and infestation, or slowly withering away because of neglect.

If you want to have lovely garden at your home, but do not have the time to tend to it, OneNam provides as easy solution by way of our Garden & Lawn maintenance services. Our Experts can help you achieve the perfect lawn and garden that you have always wanted.

Hire OneNam for Garden Cleaning Lawn maintenance

These are some of the services that we include in our garden and lawn maintenance :

  • Maintaining all the plants
  • Trimming of plants
  • Mowing the lawn
  • The weeding
  • Applying manure and fertilizer
  • Applying pesticides and insecticides
  • Transplanting plants from one place to another
  • Planting new plants
  • Replacing plants

Garden and lawn maintenance by our OneNam professionals will ensure that your grass is kept lush and green, prevent weeds and other parasitic plants from appearing, and keeping the grass and plants free of diseases and pests. Our Experts can customize lawn care depending on your specific requirements. They are knowledgeable about what works and what doesn’t. Good lawn care will take into consideration the geography – everything from the climate of the area, the soil condition, and rainfall received.

A beautiful yard with a great lawn looks great, but with well-maintained shrubs, ornamental plants, and trees, you can take the look to the next level. Our experts work in your  garden and lawn maintenance will not only enable you to enjoy a gorgeous view of the landscape, but also increase the value of your home, a lot fruits tress can be planted .

Download OneNam to give your garden and lawn a fresh lease of life and also to maintain it in proper shape. Our Experts will use their years of experience and knowledge to offer the most appropriate services and meet the requirements of your garden and lawn.

If you have a garden lawn to maintain in Namibia, download OneNam the app right away.

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