How Do Hand Dryers Work

How Do Hand Dryers Work

Here we will tell you How Do Hand Dryers Work. Whether you work in an office, exercise at a leisure center or eat in a restaurant, washing your hands and using a hand dryer are everyday occurrences. Although it’s easy to overlook how to hand dryers work, the facts may surprise you – and they’ll certainly make you think twice the next time you use one.

How Do Hand Dryers Work: Steps

1. Sensing


  • Electricity consumption for hand dryers is around 2200 watts daily, and for energy-saving devices, it is around 1600 watts.
  • Earlier, these devices were switched on using a button. When button was pressed, the device has begun blowing warm air for the drying hands.
  • But the new-age hand dryers have infrared motion sensors installed in them.
  • The device detects motion and automatically turns on when the hands are placed for the drying.

2. Heating and Drying

Heating and Drying

  • Warm air is produced by the hand dryer using a heating coil made up of the Nichrome, a hybrid of chromium and nickel.
  • When air, having a temperature as that of the surrounding environment, is passed through the heating element, it gets warm.
  • The heating coil is heated 50 degrees higher than the existing room temperature.
  • The warm air is then blown out of the device through the tube or a vent facing downwards.
  • Hands are placed in the path of warm air coming out of the hand dryer for drying.

3. Sanitizing

  • There has always been a debate about the level of hygiene maintained by hand dryers.
  • The cause of concern was that these devices circulate the same air, again and again, thereby making no difference in terms of hygiene.
  • In the case of hand dryers used in earlier times, but with the new innovations coming up, manufacturers have tackled this problem by making use of High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters in their devices.
  • These filters are 99.97% efficient in removing particles of 0.3 microns in size or smaller, from the air used for drying hands.
    Thus, the amount of disease-causing germs in the air blown out of the dryer is substantially reduced.
    Some manufacturers have even made it possible for air to be released at a speed of 400 mph which helps in sterilizing it before being released in the atmosphere.

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