How to Control Dust in Bathroom

How to Control Dust in Bathroom

In this post, we will tell you How to Control Dust in Bathroom. Your bathroom is so dusty because your home is dusty as a whole. You can’t keep the bathroom dust-free unless your home is dust-free. There could be several reasons behind this. Some people think the extractor fan or bathroom fan is responsible to have dust in the bathroom. Dust is an accumulation of small particles that include bits of cloth fibers, paper, hair, pet dander, skin cells, dirt, and more.

How to Control Dust in Bathroom Reasons

How to Control Dust in Bathroom Reasons

1. Carpet Cleaning:

  • If you vacuum clean the carpets regularly, then you already know how much dust they can store.
  • When you vacuum clean the carpets – it can release the dust & allergens.
  • But it is true unless your vacuum cleaner has HEPA rated filter.

2. Leaked Air Ducts:

  • Unless your ductwork is perfect for the forced air system, there will be gaps or holes around the fittings. Sometimes, the joints may be unsealed.
  • That method air can flow through such holes and gaps.
  • That way the dusty air can blow to your conditioned spaces using the ductwork.

3. In addition to leaky air ducts, your air ducts may become full of dust over the period of time. Which in turn may be responsible for the dust to be escaped and circulated throughout your home.

4. Unless the air filter has a higher MERV rating (more than 5 to 8 is desirable), your air filter is thin and cheap. A thin fiberglass filter can’t catch the tiny particles like dust. In fact, it makes the situation a little bit worse. How? Eventually, the coil of the AC evaporator will get dirty. As a result, all the dust will recirculate throughout the home and they will enter into your bathroom too.

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