How To Pick Wall Paint Colors


Colors can influence us and how we feel. Take advantage of it and create the mood of your choice with the right palette. In this post, we show you how to pick colour themes depending on the mood you want to create.

You must have heard of colour psychology suggesting how certain colors can calm us while others can lift our spirits.

Our natural surroundings are the best example for this theory — chilling by the ocean-side soothes us while a bright sunny day makes us feel more cheerful than a dull, rainy weather.

Inspired by these natural palettes, we can create an ambience that will not only make our homes lively but also improve our mental health.

Here are six colour palettes you could pick for different rooms in your house to suit the mood you want to create:

1. Colors For Some Calm & Quiet 


Work and daily life stresses you out? You will want to come home to a calm ambience — one that says slow down, relax.

Cool colors like blues and greens (with bluish tint) are known for their calming effect.

Infuse your home with the cool vibes of blues and sea greens, paired with white or light grey shades (in furnishings as well as wall paints).

Keep the space as clutter-free as possible with minimum furniture and accessories to increase the calming factor of the room.

2. Colors For a Cheer-Me-Up

For a spirited and energetic ambience, paint the room in sunshine yellow or rust orange — basically bright, warm colors.

Whether you are a naturally full-of-life person or one who struggles to feel positive, these colors are of equal benefit to both!

Accessories the space with hints of red (cushion covers, vases, drapes…) for added warmth. Rustic, wooden furniture will blend perfectly in this set up.

3. Colors For a Romantic Vibe

Newly married who are setting up their home or couples looking at renovating their space can consider going for a romantic colour palette. Think reds and fuschia in deep tones that symbolize passion and vigour.

With the right mood lighting (bedside lamps in soft yellow glow) and soft, printed linens and drapes, you can build on the romantic vibe to complement the colors.

4. Colors For an Inspiring Environment

Nothing captures the sense of hope and growth like nature in full bloom. That’s why green, as a colour, is associated with prosperity and hope.

You can capture your personal hopes and aspirations by painting your room in bright olive shades or in greens with a tint of warm colors — reminding you that there is plenty of opportunity to grow and seize the day!

Balance the colors with a neutral shaded carpet and drapes, and play with geometric prints to add an edge to the decor.

5. Colors For a Zen Effect

The introvert in you will love this palette! Or perhaps you are just looking to create a beautiful, meditative space. In either case, play with whites, pastels and taupe to paint a serene atmosphere.

Coupled with soft, fluffy cushion covers, a simple floor lamp and captivating artwork, your zen effect will be complete.

6. Colors For Luxe, Royal Vibes

Rich and luxurious colors such as purples, deep reds, cobalt blues… have always been associated with monarchs. The aura from these colors is unlike any other. Perfect for living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, the palette adds a sense of grandeur,Furniture and decor with brass or bronze details will elevate the royal aura.