How to Use an Epilator

How to Use an Epilator

This post explains How to Use an Epilator. Epilators are hair removal tools that remove hair from root. While tweezing, sugaring, waxing, and the threading are all forms of epilation, you can purchase epilator devices that use rotating, tweezer-like heads to remove hair. No single hair removal method is best for every person, or even for every type of hair, but there are a number of advantages to using an epilator.

How to Use an Epilator


  • An epilator works the same as waxing, in that it removes hair by the roots.
  • But an epilator doesn’t use wax.
  • Instead, it plucks away hair as you move the device over different parts of your body.
  • For the best results, exfoliate your skin before using it.
  • Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and can prevent ingrown hairs.
  • Begin by positioning the epilator at a 90-degree angle to your skin.
  • Don’t press the device against your skin.
  • Rather, hold it loosely against your skin.
  • Pull the skin taut and then slowly move the epilator in the direction of hair growth.
  • If you move epilator opposite direction of hair growth, you’ll cut the hair at the skin, but you won’t remove it from the root.

Benefits of Epilator

  • Pain is a drawback of epilation.
  • But if you’re able to deal with discomfort, the results may outweigh this negative.
  • One advantage of using an epilator is that you’ll get smoother skin, and the results may last longer than most another hair removal ways like shaving, depilatory creams, or tweezing.
  • Results vary from person-to-person, but you can expect smooth skin for up to 4 weeks.
  • This is because it takes longer for hair to regrow when removed from the roots.
  • Epilation might be an option if you need to remove shorter hair.
  • Waxing isn’t every time effective on short hair because the wax can press the hair against the skin.
  • As a result, the hair doesn’t lift from the roots when you remove the wax paper.
  • Another advantage is that epilation may result in less body hair over time.
  • With this method, hair grows back softer and finer.
  • Hair may even regrow at a slower rate.
  • The longer you epilate, the less hair you’ll notice on certain parts of the body.

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