Ideas About the Shower Room

Ideas About the Shower Room

A shower room is a good method to save space in a small bathroom. separating the bath and the building big shower room will provide you plenty of room to move around, making the area look bigger than ever. Below we will tell some interesting ideas about the shower room.

Interesting Ideas About the Shower Room

1. Spread out in style

Shower Cabin

  • This room has enough space for a bathtub. But if you have the bath elsewhere in the house, sometimes you just need a shower room that’s stylish, practical and pretty.
  • And this one ticks all of those boxes.
  • Using the full width of the room means there’s plenty of space to walk into a shower without the want to move any doors or screens.
2. Don’t let an attic constrict you
  • Attic bathrooms can be fit the shower into because of sloping ceilings and head heights.
  • But there are ways to make it work.
  • Check the shower room with wood-effect tiling.
  • The sleek screen keeps space feeling as open as possible.
3. Include a little bling to your shower room

Shower Room

  • Turn all-white shower room with glamorous gold tiles and shower fittings.
  • White is great in a compact room as it creates everything light and spacious, while gold includes the instant warming effect.
4. Be elegant with marble

Marble Shower Room

  • The natural veining of marble makes for a stunning backdrop to a walk-in shower.
  • Go for a large-scale tile for the good effect and select varying colors to create a beautiful patchwork.
  • Using the same tiles from the floor to ceiling makes the shower look seamless.
  • Here, the small step has been included to accommodate practical drainage, but in fact, it only includes the luxurious feel.
5. Pick a cool pattern
  • This room displays just how significant an impact your flooring can have.
  • The pattern includes loads of character to this space and supports to define the shower area, with its plain white shower tray.
  • Marble wall tiles pick out the grey tones of flooring, too, and include a luxury feel to the scheme.
  • A full-length mirror at one end is good for reflecting the light and making the room feel larger than it is.

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