Interesting Facts About Samsung

Facts About Samsung

Samsung has built itself into the mobile and the electronics empire, its story actually begins much earlier — in 1938. Over the years the organization has evolved significantly, bringing innovation into countless markets going well beyond just mobile and electronics. Here some interesting facts about Samsung.

Interesting Facts About Samsung

  • Samsung has built a sentry gun that sits in the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea, which is hostile to anyone it senses who cannot provide an authorized access code.

Samsung Sentry Gun

  • Wheel of Fortune’s Vanna White sued Samsung Electronics in 1993 over its use of a humorous ad featuring a robot turning letters on a game show, alleging a violation of her personality rights. White was ultimately awarded $403,000 in damages.
  • Samsung was originally founded as the 40-employee trading company in 1938. It dealt in the groceries produced in and around the city and produced its own noodles.
  • Samsung has a military branch. They’re producing jet engines, robots, and howitzers.
  • Samsung makes the Retina Display for Apple.
  • For years Samsung and other major tech companies colluded to exclude proposals from other companies in IEEE Wifi Workgroup. After the group DensiFi was found out, they dissolved it and faced 0 consequences and proceeded to remove the scandal from Wiki.
  • Samsung’s chairman went on a three-day rant to his hundreds of executives in a German hotel conference room. Samsung took his speech, turned it into a book about the management and used it as its guiding principles from there on in.
  • Because so many people jumped off the Mapo Bridge in Seoul, Samsung paid to put up signs which would light up and greet people, hoping to deter suicide. Unfortunately, the suicide rate of the Mapo Bridge was six times higher the following year.

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