Maintenance of An Ornamental Plants

Maintenance of An Ornamental Plants

In this article, we will know about the maintenance of an ornamental plants. Between severe storms and extreme temperatures, summer time can have damaging effects on your ornamental plants if they don’t get proper care. Your grass benefits greatly from local lawn treatment services, but don’t forget that the ornamental trees and shrubs need attention too.

Maintenance of An Ornamental Plants

1. Fertilizing

  • Just like you give the lawn fertilizer, one need to provide the plants with the appropriate fertilizers for strong growth.
  • There are a variety of fertilizers on the market for one to choose from.

2. Watering

  • Take the same watering approach with most ornamentals same as the lawn.
  • Water properly which gives a good soaking weekly rather than shallow, infrequent watering.
  • Watering in the morning will also help to avoid loss of water so the water can penetrate the roots.

3. Stabilizing

  • Use stakes to support taller plants and protect them from severe natural calamities.
  • Without staking, these plants can droop to the soil after a heavy rain.

4. Pruning

  •  Maintain the shape of the ornamental plants and remove dead or diseased branches.

5. Mulching


  • Freshen up a bed with a new layer of mulch.
  • Plants really benefit from the root insulation that the mulch provides in an extreme summer.
  • Mulch will also not allow the weed growth and retain moisture in the soil for the plants.

6. Weed Prevention

Weed Prevention

  •  Keeping weeds out is another part of effectively caring for the plants.
  • Weeds can take away the water and nutrients in the soil.

7. Disease and Pest Control

  • When an implementing the above methods for the ornamental care regimen, you will encourage the healthy plants to grow and decrease the chance of damage from diseases.

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