Parts of a Washing Machine

Parts of a Washing Machine

Let see the parts of a washing machine – this will help us to understand the inner workings of the washing machine and what it does to get the clothes so clean. Please refer to the diagram given below the various parts of a washing machine.

Important Parts of a Washing Machine

1) Water inlet control valve:

Water Inlet Control Valve

  • Near the water inlet point of the washing machine, there is a water inlet control valve.
  • When you load the clothes in the machine, this valve gets opened automatically and it closes automatically depending on the total quantity of the water required.
  • The water control valve is the solenoid valve.

2) Water pump:

Water Pump

  • The water pump circulates water through the machine.
  • It works in two directions, re-circulating the water during the wash cycle and draining the water during the spin cycle.

5) The motor of the washing machine:

Motor of Washing Machine

  • The motor is coupled to the agitator or the disc and produces rotation.
  • These are multispeed motors, whose speed can be changed as per the need.
  • In the fully automatic machine the speed of the motor i.e. the agitator changes automatically as per load on the machine.

6) Timer:

  • The timer supports to set the wash time for the clothes manually.
  • In the automatic mode, the time is set automatically depends upon the number of the clothes inside the machine and the type of wash cycle being performed.

8) Drainpipe:

  • The drain pipe allows removing the dirty water from the washing that has been used for the washing purpose.

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