Residential Electrical Repair Services

Electrical service

We can deal with residential electrical repair services which are minor electrical issues at your home such as fixing in a new light bulb or plugging in a surge protector, definitely attempting something more complex is dangerous. For that it is best to go for the help of a electrician rather than trying to save a couple of hundreds by trying difficult electrical projects on your own.

OneNam will diagnose Residential Electrical Repair Services

 Whatever electrical quires you have, our experienced electrical technicians will perfectly diagnose and rectifies the issue by saving you money, time, and aggravation. Our repairs are of best quality and is performed safely and correctly the first time, without having to resort to rework or rewiring.

Don’t let electrical problems get your life off-track. Get in touch with OneNam electricians and get back to your normal life.

Install and upgrade electrical fittings

Usually, the electrical wiring of your home turns out to be the poor link which stops you from having the technological advancements of today. The old wiring which is unable to keep up with today’s gadgets, let OneNam electricians install and upgrade new electrical fittings, and help you enjoy the latest offerings of technology.They also install the bulb and look into any query regarding that .

Safety and security of home electrical systems

Our technicians at OneNam have the expertise and experience to ensure the security of your home, they will identify hidden wiring issues if any.

Maintenance of your home electrical systems

Electrical system at your home should be well maintained so that we can prevent from unexpected power outages, damage to expensive equipment, and electrical shocks and injuries to your family members, contact our electricians.

OneNam electricians are committed to customer satisfaction. Our electricians will fix the queries without causing any damage to your existing equipment wiring. Every electrician we send to your premises would have undergone a thorough background check and proper training. The safety and security of our customers is very important to us.

For all your electrical maintenance and repair requirements in Namibia, get in touch with OneNam and we will send someone over to your house as soon as possible.

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