Safety Tips for Electrical Heater

Safety Tips for Electrical Heater

In this article, we study about safety tips for electrical heater. About 25,000 house fires and 300 deaths are attributed to space heaters every year. They are mostly caused when a heater is placed too close to curtains, bedding, or upholstered furniture. In addition, many people end up in the emergency rooms with burns from touching a heater’s hot surface.

Safety Tips for Electrical Heater

1. Buy certified space heaters

  • Make sure the heater carries a safety certification label from an independent testing organization.

2. Keep heaters away from objects and people

  • Electric heaters generate lot of hot air by converting the electrical energy into heat.
  • This makes them dangerous for the pets and the children as they can get the electric shocks or serious burns by accidental contact with the appliance.

3. Shutoff features

  • The smart sensor that automatically shuts off the heater when it overheats is a must.

4. Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) plug

Ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) plug

  • Most space heaters do not come equipped with the GFCI plug, which prevents the electric shock.
  • Heaters without CFGI should not be used around water, manufacturers advise.

5. Sturdy cord

  • Lot of space heaters come with a cord that’s 6 feet long.
  • To prevent the overheating, never use the extension cord or the power strip with an electric heater.

6. Do not over load the socket

  • Never overload a socket where electric heater is plugged in.
  • Plugging the space heater in the same circuit along the other electrical appliances into the receptacle will create excessive heat in the circuit and may start the electrical fire or a short circuit.
  • This could lead to the damage to the costly appliance and an electrical system of the house.

7. Plug directly into the wall outlet

  • Always try to avoid using the extension cords and plug your room heater directly into the electrical wall outlet.
  • Electric heaters draw lot of power and using the extension cord increases the chances of overheating, electric fires, or the shock injuries.
  • Even you if need to use an extension cord, make sure it is appropriately rated and sized for heavy appliances.

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