Seasonal Fruits

Seasonal Fruits

In this article, we read about seasonal fruits. Nature has given us all the possible amenities to keep ourselves healthy. Interestingly, our body responds according to the change in season say summer, spring, monsoon, autumn and winter depending on particular weather patterns and daylight hours.It is important for us to know the seasonal fruits to get accustomed to the climate.

Types Of Seasonal Fruits

1. During Winter
  • The temperature drops down compared to our body temperature thus, we face cold, cough.
  • Building immunity becomes very necessary during this season.
  • Availability of papaya, all citrus fruits like oranges, sweet lime, strawberries, apples, guava, lemons, pomegranates, pineapples and custard apple are good for the consumer during Winters.
2. During Summer

During Summer

  • It is common to lose our appetite which makes us stay away from the heavy foods.
  • Our body tends to maintain temperature by perspiring heavily, thus we need more amount of water to keep our body well hydrated.
  • Seasonal fruits have the naturally cooling effect on the body so we can depend completely on them such as watermelon, peaches, raspberries, grapefruits, mangoes, kiwi, apricots, bananas, etc.
3. During Monsoon
  • Our body becomes vulnerable to infection, water born diseases.
  • Hence our health takes a toll.
  • Fruits like cranberries, blueberries, apples, etc. are good during this seasons.
4. Amazing Benefits of Having Seasonal Fruits 
  • Seasonal fruits are less costlier and can be saved abundantly.
  • seasonal fruits are tastier because, they are fully, naturally ripened and they have significantly delicious taste than the artificial one.
  • Fruits are grown in the season under appropriate conditions for the particular fruit.
  • They retain the most natural colour and flavour.

The food list may vary according to the hemisphere.Seasonal foods are more or less organic but in order to make them non-seasonal food, influencers and other chemicals are applied to them. So, when you are about to eat non-seasonal food, you should keep in mind that it might be full of chemicals.

Fruits  that are grown in the off-season, are treated with all sorts of chemicals in order to let them survive. As a result, they are sold at high price.

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