Tips for an Organized Bathroom Sink

Tips for an Organized Bathroom Sink

This post explains some tips for an organized bathroom sink. We all have spaces in our homes that could use a little support in the organization department. If you buy a new bathroom sink, you’ll be amazed at what a change you’ll see in a dull bathroom. There are so many options on the market for bathroom sinks and so many things to think about. Read here for information whether you’re doing a quick change or a total remodel.

Tips for an Organized Bathroom Sink

1. Donate, Recycle and Sort
  • Everything from under the sink and donated the extra shampoos and soaps to the local charity.
  • Next, the area under the sink a good cleaning.
  • Recycled bulky packaging that was taking up too much space.
  • After that decided which items you wanted to store under the sink, and measured and lined the space before choosing which bins to use.
2. Utilize Space on Cabinet Doors

Bathroom Sinks

  • Add a little hook to the back of the cabinet door to hang a toiletry bag.
  • It’s good to have a toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, and the razor for out of town guests who may have forgotten the toiletry item.
  • Additionally, kids use these little toiletry bags when we travel.
  • Now, it’s incredibly easy for anyone to find.
3. Use Clear Bins to Organize Supplies

clear bins in Bathroom

  • InterDesign Linus Storage Binz is clear, which makes it easy to keep everything within sight.
  • Supplies are easily forgotten when stored in the opaque containers, under a bathroom sink.
  • For my bathroom, use them to hold extra toilet paper.
4. Use Stackable Bins and Drawers
  • Who doesn’t love a good set of drawers? Drawers not only made the most of my space, but they also provided a home for items Remove of the bulky packaging in order to save more space.
  • Use Clarity 3-Drawer Stacking Box Clear to corral some of those smaller grabs and go items.
5. Use a Turntable for Easy Access
  • The InterDesign Clear Linus Divided the Lazy Susan.
  • Use it to store bath supplies since it spins for easy access.
6. Use a Caddy For Cleaning Supplies


  • The InterDesign Linus Large Tote holds all the cleaning supplies.
  • You can see everything, and easily pull it out and access the supplies when it’s time to clean the bathroom.

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