Tips for Event Photography

Tips For Event Photography

In this article, we know about some tips for event photography. Here are the most important event photography tips and strategies for nailing a shoot, whether it is a small family gathering, an evening cocktail event, or a wedding. Photographing events can be fun, but they are certainly not easy! Things move fast, there’s usually a ton of energy in the air, and the best moments often don’t occur twice.

Event Photography Tips and Strategies

Event Photography

1. Set up a shot and wait for someone to smile or react

  • While it often needs to be captured some environmental shots, the photographs of people are the stars of the show, and to take a good photograph of people you need good expressions.
  • Experienced event photographers will feel that the great moment could occur and they will wait with their camera at attention as it occurs.
  • But the handful of times it does occur during the event will likely result in the most spectacular photographs of the day.

2. Fill the frame

  • Fill the frame with your subjects, make that expression prominent, and get rid of the fluff that doesn’t add to the moment.
  • It is wonderful to create complex images capturing the people, the background, or multiple things happening at once.
  • You should certainly try to get those images, but when a powerful moment happens, get in there and frame what’s most important.

3. Be aware of your surroundings and look for that special moment

  • Event photographers learn to have a good feel for what is going on so they can anticipate what is going to happen.
  • Awareness is so important at events.
  • When the camera is down one should be looking around trying to figure out where and when the next picture-perfect moment is going to appear.

4. Don’t settle for stiff shots

  • If everyone were outgoing and extroverted, the job would be so much easier, but that’s just not the reality, and the job is to help make people comfortable.

5. Capture a variety of candid photographs

  • The best moments of the event are the candid pictures.
  • Look around the room and watch people interact, wait for the right time.

6. Capture a variety of posed photographs

  • The candid shots are more interesting and are generally the best, but people also want a few posed photos.
  • All wedding photographers should be good at capturing the events in a documentary way, but they also need to take good posed photographs, because that’s what people want.

7. Use an external flash when necessary

External Flash

  • An external flash will change the event photography in medium light and in darker environments.
  • The flash that is built-in to the camera adds head-on light that creates an awful look.
  • This works wonders in indoor situations because you are sending the light bouncing off the ceiling, which diffuses it and makes it much more flattering on people’s faces.

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