Tips for Hair Styling

Tips for Hair Styling

Hairstylists know every trick there is to make your hair look fantastic. And now, they’re sharing their secrets so you can make the salon-quality looks at home. Below are the Best Tips for Hair Styling.

Some Tips for Hair Styling

1. You Can Shampoo Daily


  • While the “no-poo” movement is huge, shampooing daily is totally okay, especially if you have oily hair.
  • Shampoos these days are gentle enough to be used daily; it’s the blowdryers, flatirons and curling irons that do the most damage.
  • So if you have super oily hair, go ahead and shampoo your hair daily.
  • Just try to let hair air-dry or go easy on heat products.
2. Dirty Hair Is Easier to Style
  • Stylists prefer if you don’t wash hair the morning of an updo; dirty hair is easier to mold and holds styles better.
  • If you have a big night coming up and want to wear a sophisticated updo, skip washing your hair beforehand.
  • It will make molding your hair into a French twist or a chic chignon much simpler.
3. Get Runway Hair With Velcro Rollers

Velcro Rollers

  • If you want your hair to have some real body, get yourself some Velcro rollers.
  • Fine, straight hair can be tricky to roll.
  • But stylists have found that spritzing fine hair with the flexible hold hairspray and curling it with the iron before rolling it onto the Velcro roller can help.
  • It gives your hair the grip it needs, and after you take out the rollers, you’ll have fantastic body and volume.
4. You Can Give Yourself a Professional Blow Dry

Professional Blow Dry

  • Blow-dry salons are popping up all over the country.
  • For about $30 you can get a perfect blow-dry that will last you a couple of days to a full week, depending on your hair texture.
  • But if you want to save money, you can get salon-worthy results by doing your own amazing blow dry.

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