Tips for Successful Catering Business

Tips for Successful Catering Business

Catering is one of the important aspects of event planning that will support make or break business meetings, fundraising gala or wedding event. That’s why the catering manager often takes the lead to support clients plan and execute special events and other one-day programs at hotels and other venues. Below there are some tips for successful catering business.

Some Tips for Successful Catering Business

 1. Ensure excellent customer service.

  • This is the case for 99.99% of any service-oriented business, but especially for the catering.
  • Your customers want to be “wined and dined”, no different than if they were in a restaurant.
  • Be sure to call the week before the event and review the details.
  • Has anything changed? How can we exceed the expectations of this client?
  • Also, there is nothing nicer than the personal thank you after the event.
  • In the age of emails, think about a phone call or a handwritten card.

2. Hone your ability to organize events.

Event Organizer

  • Your ability to stay organized is not only going to impact the dining experience, but it will influence the atmosphere of the entire event.
  • Forgetting to pack the chafing dishes could be the disaster, but having a team that is rushed, disorganized, or serving everyone at different times will make guests impatient and uncomfortable, and you will look like an amateur.
  • You must have the system in place to keep track of venue data, menus, pack lists, hiring, timelines, and more.
  • Request a demo of the Total Party Planner to see how you can manage events and stay organized.

3. Keep Attire Professional.

Attire Professional

  • Coordinated uniforms—whether it’s formal black and whites, oxfords and the aprons, or matching t-shirts, it includes the professional touch to the service and says the guests who are working the event.
  • Even if the staff uniform is not 100% identical, be sure that all clothing is clean, at the very least!

4. Ensure a sanitary environment.

  • The health department will be sure to keep you on your toes in this area, and for good reason.
  • You don’t want to deal with any kind of liability lawsuit, or end up getting anyone sick from food at the event.
  • This can be tough for on-premise events with limited (or no) kitchen space, so be sure you’ve planned ahead.

5. Offer competitive pricing.

  • Know what they are providing and at what prices. Along those same lines, you MUST understand the costs.
  • Profitability is important in any business, so it doesn’t make sense to drop the prices to the point of losing money.
  • Having a good software program, such as the Total Party Planner, will empower you to analyze event costs to come up with competitive pricing and still allow you to be profitable.

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