Tips for Using Samsung Notes

Tips for Using Samsung Notes

Samsung Notes has been refined with each new edition of the Galaxy Note line and provides a smart, intuitive and versatile platform for capturing ideas or keeping meeting minutes. Work more productively than you ever have with these tips for using Samsung Notes — no matter where your busy day takes you next.

Tips for Using Samsung Notes

1. Jot Down Quick Notes
  • When you’re racing between meetings and trying to keep track of all the action items landing on your plate, you can’t afford to write notes on the closest slip of paper only to lose them in the rush.
  • Fortunately, you can start jotting down quick notes right away using your Galaxy Note10 and you’ll never lose them.
2. Convert Your Handwriting to Text

Convert Your Handwriting to Text

  • Another thing you don’t have time for: typing up your handwritten notes at the end of a long day.
  • Samsung Notes can help you stay on track by instantly converting your handwriting to text.
3. Shape and Format Your Notes
  • Jotting down a few words is handy, but having the ability to fully format them is powerful.
  • Center your text or align it to the left or right side, just like you would in Word.
  • Add bulleted or numbered lists by tapping an icon towards the top of the screen, and start writing.
4. Organize Your Notes
  • If you use Samsung Notes regularly, you will want to organize your notes so you can easily find them later.
  • After you’ve created a few notes, the Samsung Notes app will ask if you’re interested in categorizing them.
  • For example, you might create a strategic planning category if you’re hard at work on a new plan for your division, or if it’s the budget season, a financial category that helps you keep track of all those line items you need to remember.
5. Collaborate on Notes
  • I wish you could collaborate on a note in real-time with your team? You can! Just open the app settings, tap Shared Notes and turn that feature on.
  • From there, you can create Shared Notebooks and invite your friends to join you on a collective brainstorm, no matter where everyone happens to be at the moment.

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