Tips While Constructing Doors and Windows

Tips While Constructing Doors and Windows

This post explains some tips while constructing doors and windows. Door and window positions are vital as they not only provide the avenue for the passage of air, energy, and light into your house but also provide protection against the negative energies around.

Tips While Constructing Doors and Windows

  • The windows and the doors of your house must at all times be in even numbers such as 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. while avoiding 10. Additionally, it also ensures it stays in multiples of 8.
  • The main door should be free of any obstructions such as the plants, big trees, staircases, poles, etc. Additionally, your door should not have a temple directly in front of your main door as well. Similarly, any picture or depiction of God should not be hung at the outer side of your door.

Main Door

  • Doors should be adorned with auspicious decorative items such as Ganesha, Om, Laxmi, and Swastika pictures.
  • Doors and windows should be placed opposite so that both the positive and negative cycles are completed. This is done to allow the proper flow of air thus facilitating cross-ventilation between rooms. Moreover, it also allows for the adequate transmission of light from room to room as well.
  • While zeroing in on the ideal material for your main doors, you should always opt for Teak as it’s undoubtedly the best material used in the construction of doors and windows.
  • If your house comprises of two main gateways, then, in that case, opt for a combination of doors in the direction of East with North and West, West with North and East. However, the direction of the South and West/East should be avoided as it’s considered inauspicious.
  • Similarly, while choosing windows, the windows in the North wall should be more inclined towards the North-East while also being long and wide. This enables the air and essential morning light to filter through without obstructions and circulate within the house.
  • Additionally, any windows placed on the East side wall should be inclined more towards the North-East while maintaining a long length and width for the same reason as listed out above.
  • The main entrance door of two houses or apartments facing each other should not open outwards towards each other as this is considered to be extremely ominous.
  • Windows pointing towards the South-West direction should be avoided at any cost as the harmful, hot & penetrative ultraviolet rays of the sunlight are projected maximum in this direction. Hence, having fewer openings in this direction is advisable.


  • One important factor which should be considered for each and every house is that the circulation of the air should be on point at all times. Air should be allowed to freely enter and exit your premises while also ensuring the flow is at regular intervals as well. The reason behind this is that if at all there’s a presence of stagnant water in your premises, having an insufficient flow of air within your house can promote the growth and development of harmful viruses and bacteria. The resultant stagnant air arising out of this may not be suitable for the house inmates. Proper ventilation thus ensures a happy and healthy living.

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