Types of Demolition Techniques

Types of Demolition Techniques

In this article, we read about the types of demolition techniques. The contractor for demolition often deals with the concrete for demolition purposes. It involves tasks related to the renovation or replacement of the concrete. This repair work ensures the longevity and strength of the structure. The material, concrete has several impressive features, one of which is the robustness. That is the reason it takes time to complete the demolition project due to the hardness that concrete provides for the structure.

Types of Demolition Techniques

Types of Demolition Techniques

1. A Traditional Method Of Using Explosives

  • This is no more a practical solution to the demolition jobs.
  • This method is used majorly when the contractors need to break the larger pieces of concrete.
  • Here the parts of the structures are fixed with explosives and destroyed.
  • But it is not the best way to demolish the concrete structures.
  • The reason is the explosives also damages the surrounding structures.

2. Remote Controlled-Brokk Demolition

  • The most efficient way is to perform the demolition task is Brokk Demolition.
  • This type of demolition is beneficial in various types of the tasks, particularly those in the remote areas.
  • It is implemented with the help of the robots that are controlled with the help of the remote.
  • The robots make the task efficient.
  • This process provides lots of safety to the labours working on the site.

3. Micro-Blasting

  • According to the experts, it is quite easy to break the concrete from the inside as compared to destroying it from the outside.
  • The traditional methods of demolition take the advantage of the internal weakness of the structure and use explosives to break them.
  • But, such a method also destroys the nearby construction.

4. Hydraulic Bursting

Hydraulic Bursting

  • This demolition technique has many advantages to notice.
  • It is the silent demolition which includes hydraulic power unit.
  • The contractor drill holes in the concrete.
  • There are fashions in which the holes are made, either in the straight line or in the diamond shape.
  • The person who works determines the various features of the holes like diameter, and spacing.

5. Pressure Bursting

  • This type of demolition approves the dust and noise free demolition.
  • Also, it is one of the safest methods of removing large slabs of concrete.
  • There are two types of the pressure bursting- chemical and mechanical bursting.

6. High Reach Arm Demolition

  • This type of demolition uses the base machine.
  • The arm is telescopic and has demolition tools attached at the end; shear, hammer or the crushers.

7. Selective Demolition

  • This type of demolition is done with the direction of reusing and recycling the building materials.
  • Concrete, steel and wiring are recovered as much as it is possible.
  • However, the selective demolition does not work well with the light framed buildings.

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