Types of Electrical Switches

Types of Electrical Switches

With so many types of electrical switches available in the market, it is good to know what makes a particular switch different from the other. In other words, every switch has its own unique feature, and by understanding its specific functioning, we can actually make a better purchase considering our requirements. Besides the basic mechanism of turning them on and off, some electrical switches have integrated features, like indicators, etc.

Some Types of Electrical Switches

1. Single-Pole Switch –

Single-Pole Switch 

  • Also called the toggle switches, single-pole electrical switches are the most common type of switches.
  • A single pole switch can control 1 fixture from a single location.
  • These switches are is the easiest to operate, install and replace.

2. Double-Pole Switch – 

Double-Pole Switch

  • A double-pole electric switch controls 2 fixtures without installing a separate box.
  • It is like separate single-pole switches, which are mechanically operated by the same button.
  • These switches are easy to operate, install and replace them.

3. Three-Way Switch –

  • A 3-way switch controls 1 fixture from two different locations.
  • These switches are often used in the stairways, hallways and large rooms, to access the fixture without any issues.
  • These switches are complicated to install, though easy to operate.

4. Four-Way Switch –

  • A 4-way switch controls 1 fixture from three different locations.
  • These switches are generally used in big halls or large rooms wherein easy access is required to switch on/off light fixtures.
  • A four-way switch must be used with two 3-way switches in the 4-way circuit.
  • These switches are quite complicated to install.

5. Multi-Location Switch –

  • As the name suggests, the multi-location switch controls one fixture from three or more locations.
  • These switches are used in large spaces, hallways, and staircases, where having multiple controls include to safety and convenience.
  • These switches are quite complicated to install.

6. Bell Switch –

Bell Switch 

  • Bell switch is a basic switch that is used to operate doorbells in homes and offices.
  • A bell switch with indicator enables the person to know if the power current is there or not, besides giving quick access to the switch in case it’s all dark.
  • These switches are easy to operate and install.

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