Types of Kitchen Chimney

Types of Kitchen Chimney

What types of kitchen chimney is going to buy decision depends on the kitchen structure and construction were going to fit it and the location of the cooking platform, hob, stove. Based on the capabilities where can fit. A kitchen chimney is an appliance that absorbs the smoke, fumes from the kitchen and makes the kitchen clean and the oil, smoke-free. In fact, the modern kitchen chimney includes style and decor to your modular kitchen.

Different Types of Kitchen Chimney

1. Wall-mounted chimney:

Wall-Mounted Kitchen Chimney

  • Wall-mounted chimneys are chimneys that are fitted against the wall over the hob.
  • Designed for traditional kitchens where the stove is located near the wall, it suits Indian cooking style.

2. Island chimney:

Types of Kitchen Chimney

  • Suitable for open kitchen with the stove platform in the middle of the kitchen, away from the wall, island chimneys are hanging chimneys with lots of ducts and the pipes need to exhaust smoke and fumes out.
  • These are highly expensive.

3. Built-in chimney:

Built-in Kitchen Chimney

  • Integrated inside kitchen cabinets against the wall, these are fitted according to the design so that all the extra parts of the chimneys are not visible.
  • Extra woodworks have to be done for its installation.

4. Corner chimney:

Corner Kitchen Chimney

  • Corner chimneys are placed at the corner area of a kitchen.
  • Located just above the stove cooking top against the wall, this is given the least preference in the market.

Kitchens with chimneys are much cleaner because their average cleanliness rate is 4.1/5. But the ones without chimneys had a 2.8/5 cleanliness rating.

Convectional kitchen chimneys constructed for complete practical use, are found in most of the kitchens. Conventional chimneys are made by stainless steel and in the straight-line model. Conventional chimneys are inexpensive. Conventional chimneys were available with the ducted mode as well without duct/recycling. These type chimneys are basically focused on the performance.

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