Types of Shower Head

Types of Shower Head

Here you’ll learn what the different types of shower heads are, their pros and cons and hopefully be able to gauge which shower head is best for you. To be even more clear, we will be highlighting only the main shower head types, specifically covering replacement shower heads that you can literally upgrade on your own in a matter of minutes.

Different Types of Shower Head

1. Fixed Shower Heads

Fixed Shower Heads

  • A fixed shower head, which means wall mount shower head, is what most people have in their home.
  • It’s no-frills and is typically smaller in size, with diameters from 5 inches or less.
  • For those of you who just want a shower head that doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles, and just gives you solid pressure, this is the way to go.
2. Rain Shower Heads

Rain Shower Heads

  • While rain shower heads are important fixed showerheads, they are much larger in size.
  • Ranging from 6 inches and up, you can really increase the coverage in your shower.
  • Coverage refers to how wide the water spray is, leaving you with a warmer feeling in the shower.
3. Hand held Shower Heads

Hand held Shower Heads

  • Hand held shower heads are usually sold in packages which include a detachable hose and holder to mount the showerhead.
  • You get all of the freedom to leave the showerhead in a place like a fixed shower head or take it off the wall to rinse the soap off your body, clean the shower walls, fill up a bucket outside the shower or whatever purposes you may find.
  • These shower heads with detachable hoses are also great for bathing kids and for those who are recovering from an injury or are elderly and need to sit on a shower bench.
  • Simply pull the showerhead off the wall and control where the water goes.
4. Dual Shower Heads

Dual Shower Heads

  • What happens when the hand held shower head meets the fixed shower head?
  • A dual shower head is born! In fact, companies are getting so creative these days that there are even fixed showerheads paired with rain shower heads too!
  • For those truly looking for a great way to upgrade their shower experience on their own, this is the way to go.
  • Good news too, these combination shower head kits typically come with all the components for installation.
  • You’ll get the fixed/rain shower head, hand held shower head, hose and diverter mount.

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