Unique and Unusual Houseplants

Unique and Unusual Houseplants

In this article, we are going to know about the unique and unusual houseplants. The fascinating plants are so good, we always want one of each in our indoor garden whether it’s a striking succulent or something bigger, bolder, and full of color. Some of them are even low maintenance enough which can be kept in the office.

Unique and Unusual Houseplants

1.Nerve Plants

Nerve Plants

  • It is also known as Fittonia.
  • These plants got their nickname due to the bright leaf veins.
  • Their vibrant coloring and unusual patterns will brighten up even the most boring spots at home.

2. Living Stones

Living Stones

  • They are not technically stones, but lithops.
  • It is also called pebble plants.
  • They are strange flowering plant that mimic rocks.

3. Dolphin Succulents

  • The tiny leaves on this sprawling succulent look like swimming dolphins
  • The scientific name for this variety is Senecio peregrinus.

4. Lipstick Echeveria

  • People who appreciates a signature red lip will love the this bright red succulent.
  • Some of the leaves are red all over, others leaves are green with bright red tips, but in any case, Echeveria agavoides is sure to add a pop of color to any indoor garden.

5. Hoya Hearts

  • They are also known as the sweetheart plant
  • Hoya kerrii is the most romantic succulent.

6. Zig-Zag Cactus

  • It is technically called Selenicereus anthonyanus.
  • More commonly known as zig-zag or fishbone cactus.

7. Red Aglaonema

  • Bright pink stems and red or deep pink-tipped leaves, it’s easy-to-care for houseplant certainly makes a statement.
  • Keep it in medium to bright indirect light and its color will be even more bright.

8. Rose Succulents

Rose Succulents

  • Greenovia got its nickname because it looks just like the rose.
  • These succulents are easier to keep alive than the flowers.

9. Rex Begonia

  • With spiral-patterned leaves, this plant has a bit of the Tim Burton-esque feel.
  • Rex Begonia is also fairly easy to care for.

10. Bat Flower

  • You can grow these orchid-related flowers indoors
  • Their all-black appearance is pretty striking.
  • They are technically known as Tacca chantrieri, these rare flowers thrive in a warm environment.

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