Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Regular washing machine maintenance goes a long way in supporting these machines last for years to come. The truth is, you or your family can do most of these things right at your home. Here are a few maintenance tips that will support you to take care of the machine better. In this post, we will tell you about the Washing Machine Maintenance Tips.


List of Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

1. Inspect the Hoses


  • Check washing machine’s water hoses for signs of wear or the weakness a few times monthly year.
  • If you discover any cracks or the blistering, replace the hose.
  • Any damage could cause the leak or burst – and expensive flood damage in your home.
  • Most manufacturers recommend replacing the hoses every five years.
  • Use the high-quality, stainless steel hoses.
2. Prevent Flood Damage

In the event that your washing machine’s fill hoses burst or the water level switch malfunctions, you’ll have the instant water damage in the room. These two products can prevent this:

  • Water Shutoff System

This water shutoff system prevents water damage by automatically shutting off the water flow when the malfunction is detected. Installation can be completed in five minutes. No special tools are needed.

  • Washing Machine Overflow Pan

For smaller leaks and drips, this popular plastic pan fits beneath a washing machine and will protect a floor from water damage due to overflow and leakage. It has the fitting to accommodate drain line attachment.

3. Don’t Overload It


  • Follow the owner’s manual’s instructions for the appropriate loading sizes.
  • Oversized loads will throw the machine off the balance and that will lead to issues.
4. Use the Appropriate Amount of Detergent

Appropriate Amount of Detergent

  • Regardless of what’s recommended on the detergent packaging, follow the owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended amount of detergent.
5. Clean the Inside Once Monthly

Clean the Inside of Washing Machine

  • It’s common for the detergent residue to build up inside of washing machine tubs.
  • Use the cleaner once per month to keep the high-efficiency washing machines free of odor-causing residue.
6. Clean out the Fabric Softener Dispenser
  • Liquid fabric softener is known to gum up along the fabric softener dispensers.
  • Use the damp rag and hot water to clean the dispenser periodically.
7. Polish the Outside
  • Spilled detergent, stain remover and the fabric softener dry to the sticky mess.
  • This all-purpose cleaner and a rag will make cleaning easy.
8. Touch up Gashes and Scrapes with Paint
  • Prevent rusting by taking care of gashes and scrapes right away using touch-up paint.

While there are some problems you can try tackling yourself, if your Washing Machine still isn’t keeping your food cool, you’ll want to call for a repair right away. For more information, please contact us,

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