Ways to Maintain Air Conditioner

Ways to Maintain Air Conditioner

Fortunately, there are lots of Ways to Maintain Air Conditioner systems that are both easy and inexpensive, even if you’re an AC novice. Keep reading to learn simple ways to maintain your air conditioner.

Ways to Maintain Air Conditioner

1. Change Your Air Filter Once per Month

Air Filter

  • Changing the air filter in the air conditioning system on a regular basis is arguably the best thing you can do to maintain your AC.
  • An air filter functions to stop particles like the dander, dirt, and the dust from infiltrating the rooms of your home, but the air filter can only function efficiently if it’s clean and not bogged down with the excess loose matter.
  • When air filters are dirty to work efficiently, not will it put excess strain on the air conditioner, but it can hinder the air quality in your home.
2. Keep the Coils Clean

Coil of Air Conditioner

  • Air conditioning coils are an important component of your AC system that functions to help refrigerant absorb heat and cool your home.
  • Over time, the coils become insulated with dirt which diminishes the amount of heat they can absorb.
  • As a result, the air conditioning system has to work harder to cool your home.
3. Check the Fins
  • Within every AC system are a condenser and an evaporator, each of which has fins.
  • Over time, these fins can bend and the cause insufficient airflow.
  • To keep your AC functioning efficiently, regularly check the fins to make sure they haven’t bent.
  • If you notice bending, you can purchase a fin comb to remedy the problems, or call a professional air conditioning technician to support.
4. Inspect the Condensate Drain
  • The condensate drain is an integral part of any air conditioning system as it allows the condensation created within the system to drain outdoors.
  • Over time, the condensate drain can become the clogged, which can drainage as a result.
  • To maintain the Air Conditioner and allow it is functioning efficiently, periodically check that the condensate drain is draining the water properly — and if you do notice water isn’t draining properly, unclog the obstruction or contact your local AC company.
5. Schedule a Professional Maintenance Appointment
  • Between working and taking care of your family and another daily responsibility, the last thing you need to have to worry about is taking care of the air conditioning system.
  • At OneNam, we understand that you’re busy, which is why we offer quality maintenance services for your air conditioning system.

Ready to schedule your maintenance appointment? Contact us today to learn everything that’s added or schedule your appointment online.

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