Shapes of the Shower Tray

Shapes of the Shower Tray

In this, we will tell you about the shapes of the shower tray. There are so many different components you have to consider when you’re buying the shower, and if you overlook one or two, you might end up with a shower tray that doesn’t fit right in your bathroom.

So before you begin buying, make sure you take a look at this guide to find the best shower trays for the bathroom.

Shapes of the Shower Tray

There are different shower tray shapes, some of which are better suited for the different bathroom sizes.

1. Square Tray


  • There are a lot of things you can do with the square trays. Because of this, one square shower tray could look different than another.
  • One of the most flexible choices when it comes to square trays is the type of the doors you select with it. You can fit a square tray with different door styles.
  • For example, if you have a large bathroom, you could get 2 outward opening doors. If you have the small bathroom, you can fit a square tray with bifold doors.
  • Want something versatile you can make your own? A square tray is a way to go. Square trays are available from 700-1000mm with the 900mm version being the popular.
2. Rectangle Tray

Rectangular Shower Tray

  • Rectangle shower trays are bigger and therefore more spacious than square trays.
  • You can get creative with the doors here too, but many of the rectangle trays have sliding doors. Because these doors eliminate opening space, it can still be used in small bathrooms even though it’s bigger than a square tray.
  • If you’re seeking for the shower with more room to move around, you’ll probably want a rectangle tray.
3. Quadrant Tray
  • These trays fit best into the corners, but they have the curved front that creates a luxury shower space. This type of tray has either sliding doors or hinged doors, which save the bathroom space.
  • But if the overall size of the shower is essential to you, quadrant trays can be offset.
4. Other Shower Tray Shapes

Other Shower Tray Shapes

  • Sometimes the bathroom wants an unusual shower tray shape to fit in the space, and if you have one of these bathrooms, don’t worry. There are other non-traditional shapes to choose from.
  • For example, some of the shower trays are shaped more like the letter P or the letter D. And few shower trays can even look like a pentagon.
  • If you need something different to fit in your bathroom, you don’t have to stick with the normal trays.

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